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Our Services

Variety Of Customized Services

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Grooved And Threaded G.I. Pipe

Single/double grooving or threading service for 1 inch to 6 inch G.I. Pipe.

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Drilled And Threaded Flange

Customized flange from 50mm to 300mm For D.I. Pipe and G.I. Pipe.

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Flanged D.I. Pipe

80mm to 300mm D.I. Pipe with single or double flange, socket spigot and welded flanged pipe, etc.

Our Products

General hardware, structure steel, engineering and building material.We are also devoted to expand our business to diverse categories of products & services to enhance the company's core value and customer experience.

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Pipes & Fittings

Supplying To: PUB Projects/ HDB Projects/ LTA Projects/ Private Sectors

Sleek & Beautiful

Metal Hardwares

General hardware, structure steel, engineering and building material.

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Bicycle Parking System

Professional range of bicycle parking equipment. Visit http://www.securabike.sg for more details.

Sleek & Beautiful


Cruise light. Seen Stealth. Experiencing new electric urban mobility never before.Visit https://25kmh.myshopify.com/ for more details.

News & Features

We work with new customers and grow their business.

December 5, 2016 No Comments

Gate Valve

Double flange sluice/gate valve with rubber bonded wedge for waterworks and industrial application,for portable water, sewage and neutral liquids.  

November 25, 2016 No Comments

Flexible Flange Adaptor and Coupling

Made for metric Ductile Iron pipe flange drilled to PN10 and PN16 98mm to 2082mm O.D.

November 21, 2016 No Comments

Herme Seal 66

HERME SEAL 66 is a grey liquid gasket with specially purified polymer resin as basic material that allows the production of strong sealing effectiveness.


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